Why Choose The Content Canvas As Your Marketing Partner


We help brands move their audience to action with pixel-perfect content, websites, and marketing services designed with your KPIs in mind.


Why Choose The Content Canvas As Your Marketing Partner?

We're a full-service marketing studio whose focus is on delivering amazing, results-driven marketing at fair and reasonable rates. Our ability to do so is based on the flexibility of our business model. Here's why what we do (and how we do it) is world's apart from your standard agency:



Our roots are in marketing Silicon Valley's fastest growing brands.
In the startup world, the mantra is 'grow or die' and we believe the marketing philosophy of every business (big or small) should be driven by a similar mindset. We don't just market or create for the sake of doing so. Everything we do is intentionally-designed to encourage growth for your business because revenue should be any marketing partner's 'true north' – not shares, likes, or clicks.


We've tapped into the freelance economy.
Today's talent force is quickly moving to a freelance-based model as professionals want to skip the 9-to-5 in favor of the freedom and flexibility of freelancing. So, we've embraced this trend and as a result, we're able to access highly-specialized, premium talent at competitive rates.


We're office (and ping pong table)-free. 
Because we're not limited to a geographic area, we can skip the overhead of an office and the (in our opinion) goofiness of ping pong tables, slides, and office kegs. Put simply: when you love what you do and how you do it, you don't need that stuff.


We've mastered the art of productive communication.
We're really, really good communicators and we're made even better by the cutting-edge tech tools and platforms that we've scoured the Internet for to run so that the studio runs like a well-oiled machine. And because we're more productive, we can pass the savings on to you.


We're technologists at heart.
And lastly, because we're big geeks for business and marketing tech, we're able to bring you the best technology solutions at the best value. Seriously... we've tried them all and it's important to select affordable tools that make the outcomes we're looking for possible. Plus, it's just one more area that we're able to deliver tremendous value and stop you from getting locked into overly-expensive technology contracts.


Discover how we can empower your marketing mission...


Branding + Logo Design

Your brand is much more than an attractive logo. It's an opportunity to communicate the values, vision, and promise of your company, visually. And, it's a chance to create a connection with your audience, who are wondering, "is this a brand I want to do business with?"


Squarespace Web Design

Your website is the first stop for new customers to get to know your business and your offerings. And, it's one of the most important marketing channels you have since it's the destination for organic, paid, and earned traffic.

We design beautiful, mobile & search-friendly websites that are created with your marketing goals in mind.

Content Production

Content Creation

Content is how your business communicates. From blog, ebooks, and infographics to sales collateral and presentations - there's not much that isn't content!

And we create it all, with a laser-focus on getting the outcome you're looking for while staying true to your brand and audience.



Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing can feel overwhelming. There's the technology, the decision on who to send it to and how often, and of course, the copy, imagery, and overall look and feel of the email. We do it all and can help you go from zero to hero with our email marketing packages.


Social Media

You know that your company needs to have a consistent presence in the channels where your audience is hanging out, researching or browsing. But what should that look like? And how will you manage it day-to-day?

Our social media package takes care of everything from strategy to day-to-day content creation and publishing.



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