Our Process: Tried-And-True

We've developed a process that gets our clients meaningful results at record-breaking speed. Here's how our Studio process works:


The first step is a fixed-fee Discovery Engagement, a two-week guided process that'll reverse engineer your ultimate goals into a clear articulation of your problem and a roadmap of how to get there. The objective of the Discovery Engagement is to clearly define your business goals, explore your opportunities, and determine your constraints and scope so that we can define marketing success, together.

This engagement eliminates hunches and subjectivity from your marketing decision-making while eliminating the risk of working with a new marketing partner on a longer-term retainer.

The Discovery Engagement culminates in the presentation of a Discovery Report that's yours to keep.


Your Discovery Report Includes...

▪ Market analysis (target audience, competitors, market)
▪ Brand Diagnostic of your brand's messaging, marketing channels, and content
▪ Goal Summary and KPIs
▪ Solution Roadmap; a breakdown of the steps to take in order to reach your high-level business goal(s)


The next step is that we'll design a Recommendation, a comprehensive proposal for our turn-key marketing services based on the goals, constraints, analysis that we've presented at the completion of the Discovery Engagement. 

Your Recommendation will be mapped directly to the Solution Roadmap so that you can see how our services will drive toward your business goals. 

The end result is a proposed Recommendation that is accurately scoped to your needs, goals, and constraints (budget, time). 


The last step is to launch your turn-key marketing program. With a consistent focus on your business goals, we're known for our flawless execution.

Check out some of the perks you'll appreciate about working with the studio:

  • Your Marketing Manager; A Single Point of Contact
    You'll have a single point of contact to act as your marketing manager, who'll manage the behind-the-scenes marketing team.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Team Of Top Talent
    You'll have the world's best marketers, writers, designers, and technologists working on your company's marketing initiatives. 
  • Your Own Private Client Hub
    When you become a client of our studio, you'll have access to a private, mobile-friendly Client Hub so you'll have visibility into our work along with the ability to collaborate, share files, and view the project calendar in real-time.