Turn The Page
With Pixel-Perfect Ebooks

A high-quality ebook is not only well-written and beautifully designed, but it must provide useful information to its readers, from their perspective.

That's why our ebooks are heavily-researched and provide actionable stats and data points from reputable third-party sources for your industry whenever possible.

Your readers will come away with valuable information on your chosen topic, boosting the reputation of your brand as a thought leader and a resource.


75% Of B2B Buyers Cite Whitepapers As Among Top Content Reviewed When Buying

Reported in "B2B Buyer Preferences" Survey (http://hub.content4demand.com/i/536343-b2b-buyers-survey)

How can you use an ebook?

  • 'Gate' ebooks as a lead capture and demand generation
  • Use ebooks as a resource for customers and prospects in sales dialogues to show brand authority
  • Publish ebooks on your website to demonstrate thought-leadership and generate leads
  • Use in email marketing as a top-of-mind touch or educational supplement
  • Include an ebook in your quarterly newsletter as a useful resource for your customers

Flat-fee pricing for ebooks includes...

✔ Research into topic and/or keywords
✔ Ebook or whitepaper topic of your choice
✔ Citations of reputable third-party research (if appropriate)
✔ Short (4-7 pages) or longform (7-10 pages) final copy
✔ No fluff; real content with real value
✔ Copywriting to match your brand's tone and voice
✔ Proofreading service
✔ Deliverable as a 'wireframe' with layout suggestions


✔ Ebook Design
Need design? No problem. Upgrade your ebook project with pixel-perfect graphic design that's custom and on-brand.

Your deliverable will be a ready-to-publish .pdf with additional thumbnail images of the 'book cover' as a bonus.