Quick Rewind: Our Story

The Content Canvas opened in early 2016 when Kathleen relocated from the Bay Area to Bourbon Country. She had spent the past two years in San Francisco as the Director of Marketing for a startup called Visually. Prior to that, she managed marketing for companies in the healthcare technology industry and corporate event technology spaces.

Kathleen Smith, Studio Founder

Kathleen Smith, Studio Founder

So when the startup was acquired, she and husband Scott left San Francisco to return back east and found themselves in Louisville, Kentucky, closer to family. Living next to the Bourbon Trail certainly didn’t hurt, either… (Cheers, y’all!) 

I loved working with The Content Canvas.
Kathleen develops a deep understanding of her target audience, always hits deadlines way ahead of time, and is a prompt, clear communicator. I’d recommend the studio to every growing startup.
— Brian Sun, Autopilot

But what was the next chapter? 

Kathleen had been consulting during the big move and was beginning to feel a growing passion for helping startups and small businesses realize their marketing goals, and to ultimately grow their businesses. 

It was the small business owners, founders, and their teams whose passion and dedication for their businesses that excited her. These were people set out to build something from nothing and believe in the impact that they can make through their work — whether it's on their community, their industry, or the way the world does business by bringing a better offering to market.

The challenge that many growing businesses face is how to get the right message to right space so that their target audience knows why they should become customers. And, to be able to accomplish this mission in a cost-effective, efficient way. Marketing is something that growing businesses struggle with universally: hospitality, b2b services, products, startups, manufacturing, tech companies, retail…you name it.

But the options for growing businesses to hire marketing resources leave quite a bit to be desired...

  • Born from a time when marketing was only about branding and creative, agencies are expensive (cha-ching) and often lack a focus on how their work will impact your bottom-line.
  • W-2 employees that are talented and experienced are expensive (FICA, y’all!)… and no marketing budget is infinite, especially not for a growing business.
  • Finding quality freelance talent is HARD. Your neighbor’s nephew may know his way around Mailchimp, but just because you can make Easy Mac doesn’t make you a chef. 

So, small businesses and startups need a tried-and-true marketing partner who can help them make a big (cost-effective) impact on their growth.

She’d found her “why” and came up with a new model to solve for the marketing challenges of growing businesses. That’s how our marketing studio, The Content Canvas, was born.


So, What Is A Marketing Studio?

  • Our studio is a global collective of marketing talent: strategists, marketers, designers, writers and technologists. Our talent pool leverages the Freelance Economy, a growing movement of professionals who prefer to be self-employed and location-agnostic, so they can work when they want and travel where they want. We have access to the world’s best specialists instead of being limited to the talent available in a local market.
  • Your very own marketing manager, who’ll manage your talent and projects behind the scenes. You don’t need more people to manage, you need marketing challenges solved. So, a single point of contact keeps communication breezy so you can focus on your business. You’ll get visibility into what’s happening in the studio with access to your own Client Hub, too.
  • No office. We’re totally virtual. No overhead means lower costs and we can pass that savings on to our clients. You don’t really care if we have a ping pong table, do you? We have great technology and communications tools that make working with us easier and more productive than the old-school way, anyway.
  • Technology-focused. We are digital natives who love the possibility that technology enables for our own business and our clients’ businesses. We know the best solutions for your business at the best values. One of the things we hear time and time again is, “That is so cool! Why didn’t we know about this tool before?” and it’s music to our ears, because it’s just another proof point of the value we’ll bring you.
  • KPI-driven. Metrics are critical to the success of your business… they’re really just data points that tell you how your business is performing, down to the penny. So, why wouldn’t marketing be focused on the real economics that drive your business instead of fluff like clicks, likes, and shares?
  • Affordable. Yeah, we said it. It doesn't cost as much as a shiny yellow Lambo to work with us. For growing businesses, cost is important. Even more important is value, which is where everything leading up to this point was headed. We bring huge value at cost-effective pricing because of how we do business as a studio. Who can argue with that?


So, are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

We’re ready to chat about your goals, your business, and how we can work together.
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