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We're Your Turn-Key Marketing Team

The Content Canvas is a turn-key marketing studio for growing businesses who need results-focused, cost-effective marketing.


"What is a marketing studio?" you're probably wondering.
And the short answer is that we're the marketing team you didn't know you had.


Results-driven and cost-conscious

Small businesses and startups need marketing that gets results, not advertising awards. We're scrappy, budget-friendly and laser-focused on getting you results. That means we don't always pursue the standard operating procedures for running your marketing program. Instead, we look for creative and resourceful ways to get meaningful results.

Turn-key from strategy to execution

You need a marketing partner who can strategize, plan, and execute for your marketing campaigns and day-to-day marketing channels. There's a big difference between checking off a laundry list of marketing activities vs. finding the channels, campaigns, and content that will get you results and then optimizing them to drive even higher ROI.

Online, off-line, and between the lines

We're digital people and we believe strongly in the power (and importance) of doing digital right. But for small companies who want to make a big splash, sometimes offline and out-of-the-box campaigns will drive the best results at the most effective cost. So we look at every client with clear eyes, full hearts, and an insatiable appetite to discover what strategies and channels will work best for your business.


Free 30 Minute Consultation

We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss your business, your goals, and your existing marketing activities. We can also chat about how we can work together and what that looks like.

Take us up on our offer and schedule a call today.


Brand Design ▪ Launches ▪ Campaigns ▪ Custom Website Design ▪ Email Marketing ▪ Social Media ▪ Customer/Loyalty Marketing ▪ Digital Advertising (Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, etc.) ▪ Event Marketing ▪ Content Marketing ▪ Inbound and Funnel Design ▪ Marketing Communications ▪ Graphic Design ▪ Copywriting ▪ And much, much, much more!

We're A Perfect Fit For...

Startups and SaaS

Information Technology

Information Technoogy



Professional Services

Professional Services

Real Estate

Real Estate

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars


Spas and Massage Studios

Entertainment and Tourism

Entertainment and Sports


Wellness and Health

Wellness and Health

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Why Choose Us

When you're looking for a marketing partner for your business, there's a lot to consider. We may be biased, but we think our studio will provide you the best combination of quality and value for your buck.
Here's why you should choose The Content Canvas...

Full Service Marketing

Full-service marketing studio
We're a marketing-team-in-a-box, which means that we're the perfect solution for companies who don't have an in-house marketing department or for those teams that need to supplement their in-house talent without adding full time headcount.

High Value

Affordable and high value.
Yup, we said it and we're proud of it. You get access to an experienced marketing team for less than the cost of a single full-time marketer...let alone what a bloated agency will cost you. How? Because we don't have a slide or a ping pong table and our team is comprised of freelancers who can work from anywhere in the world.

Silicon Valley DNA

Born from Silicon Valley DNA
We are exceedingly quick, nimble and determined because of our Silicon Valley heritage. Because of our roots in such an innovative community, we're always looking for the cutting edge tactics and tools that will help fuel your growth. And when you combine creativity with pragmatism, you'll find the sweet spot between cost and results.

Not An Agency

Definitely not an agency.
Most agencies are bloated, expensive, and just a bit too focused on their artistic ideals.

They have office slides and ping pong tables and they chase awards to impress their peers. The biggest problem is that most agencies don't stay on top of marketing trends and tactics because they're not staffed by ROI-driven marketers, but instead, only creatives.


Focused on the KPIs that matter.
Growth is true north for us, and instead of focusing on vanity metrics we focus on the activities, channels and KPI's that are meaningful to your growth goals.

Every project, campaign, and piece of content we produce is developed and executed with your business goals in mind.


We have the best technology.
Today's marketing and sales initiatives require a very strong knowledge of the market's best-in-class technology solutions to combine sophistication with cost savings. We don't use the most commonly-known tech platforms for areas like marketing automation or web design because we've searched high and low for more cost-effective, better quality solutions.
(And we found them for you!)


Whether you're building a brand new startup in Silicon Valley, or you're an established business on Main Street, we have a passion for working with professionals like you who want to grow, grow, grow!

Our studio is uniquely-designed to maximize our clients' marketing results while they focus on their core business. After all, if you were a marketer, you wouldn't need a marketing partner!

So, leave it to us to lead the way on your company's marketing strategy and execution and we'll bring the results home to you. 

Sound interesting? 
We offer a free, no-strings-attached consultation call to get to know each other. Let's talk!


We're the perfect marketing partner for...

▪ Startups
▪ Real estate
▪ Restaurants and bars
▪ Salons and spas
▪ Retail
▪ Hospitality and travel businesses
▪ Software development shops
▪ Insurance agencies
▪ Professional services firms